Access your TROY Email

Once accepted for admission, your TROY email will activate within 24 hours. All official university communications will be sent via TROY email. If you are unable to access the TROY email system or change your password after following the instructions below, then please call 1-800-414-5756 or 334-670-HELP for further assistance.

To access your TROY email, you must know your TrojanPass username and password.

  • If you do not already know your TrojanPass username, go to and select “What’s my TrojanPass username?”
  • On the next page, select “What’s my TrojanPass username?”
  • Enter your last name in the top blank box and your TROY Student ID number.
  • Click “SUBMIT”

Accessing your TROY Email

  • Office 365 (also known as TROY Email) is a system that requires a different username. It is your TrojanPass username with added to the end. For example, the TrojanPass username jdoe12345 would be for the TROY Email username.
  • Now that you know your TrojanPass username, you can go to for email.
  • If you have previously logged in, enter your password. If you have forgotten your password go to to reset your password.
  • Your initial password was provided in your acceptance email and/or mailed packet from the Admissions Office. Please call 1-800-414-5756 if you no longer have this information